Revitalization of Tohoku is Japan’s Revitalization | Yosuke Komatsu | TEDxTohokuUniversity

Originally born in Miyagi, Mr. Komatsu came back after the big March 11th earthquake and committed himself to reconstruct the affected areas. However, a long-term plan was needed to start solving his issue . As he faced the state of depopulation, he formed the Asu-e-no-kibou (“Hope towards tomorrow”) NPO Cooperation which aims to develop the community around the town of Onagawacho.

宮城県出身。震災直後に故郷に帰り、復興支援に尽力する。しかし、時間が経過するにつれ長期的な復興の必要性を感じ始める。震災によって過疎化が進んでしまう現状を目の当たりにして、「街」として復興をするべく女川町を中心に街づくりを目標とする NPO 法人アスヘノキボウを立ち上げた。

animation by Lukas Rey

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